Platform Description

UkrMedia is a modern media platform that helps a citizen journalist to deploy his website in a matter of minutes without any effort, and to start filling it with content immediately.

UkrMedia is a multi-faceted project of citizen journalism development, which includes:

Content management system for: your blog, personal website, news resource, a large news analytical portal
Domain registration service
Support and monitoring service that provides stable and uninterrupted uptime of all websites working on the UkrMedia platform
Training and consultation centre on the basis of which lectures, seminars and workshops on citizen journalism are held

Features of the Platform

UkrMedia — is the best free tool for the citizen journalist’s work from all the existing ones. All the necessary tools are always at hand in an intuitive interface.


Adaptive Design

The design of the project websites is prepared taking into account the latest Internet development trends, and therefore any website is equally well displayed both on the PC and on any mobile device.


Social Networks Integration

Abilities of the Ukrmedia system allow without the participation of the user to send announcements of the website's publications to all popular social networks, including: Twitter, Facebook, VKontakte, LiveJournal, Tumblr.



The system supports any of the modern analytical system allowing you to track all the statistics of the website.


Technical Assistance

You won’t have to solve the problems of website's ability to work on your own or ask for help from familiar programmers, our support service will ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the website.


SEO Training

Regardless of the task, your website is already set up so that searching systems can index its content with maximum convenience. You can specify a title, description and keywords for each page of your website.


Text Editor

The website management system includes a convenient text editor that allows you to format text easily and comfortably and without special skills and insert into it any media content without any restrictions.


Images optimization

Built in the website management system the image processing module allows to use images of any size and resolution, you won’t need to prepare them for PCs and mobile devices, everything will be done automatically.



Each website is equipped with a comment system which has become one of the most important components of modern media systems. This allows readers to leave their comments about the material, to share their thoughts in real time.



Despite the apparent simplicity, the website management system has a sufficiently serious level of protection that allows guaranteeing a problem-free functioning of the website.


Readiness for heavy loads

The site management system has successfully passed all tests related to heavy loads on the site, this gives us the right to assert that the website will not lose its efficiency even if the number of visitors exceeds a million per day.

Implemented Projects

Media Teenz

Media School for Schoolchildren


Municipal communications platform


Journalism Ethics Commission

Kiev city blog

Municipal Information Platform

I love Ukraine

Blog of positive news


Public Environmental Organization


Kiev Architectural

Personal blog

Alexey Zheleznov's Blog

Rus Ukraine

Historical club


Startup News


Project of civic journalism


Our blog

Since June 4, the project of Ukrmedia does not accept new members

2 June
Oleg Cheslavsky

Due to the fact that the project's own resources have been exhausted, new projects are not accepted and are not considered

Online platform CIVIC SPACE (SPILNO)

8 March
Oleg Cheslavsky

Crew of NGO «Ukrmedia» started process of development online platform CIVIC SPACE (SPILNO)

Bolivar cannot carry double

9 June 2017
Oleg Cheslavsky

By the word of Evgeniy Glybovitsky “With the foundation of the single “Syspilny movnyk” independent citizen journalism will stop be”

In the beginning was the Word...

12 May 2017
Oleg Cheslavsky

Human civilization differs from the animal world, one its very interesting feature, namely the ability to exchange information through words ....

How to create new media product?

9 May 2017
Oleg Cheslavsky

Do not be very upset, but the reason for which recently nothing new really revolutionary was invented in the media is that we do not have any media experts at all.

Face of mass media changes

2 May 2017
Oleg Cheslavsky

Understandably what you can find in Tramp`s victory Russian trace and it`s obviously what it present. But also Trump won because he chosen market of social and citizen media.

Who does hold Ukrainian media?

1 May 2017
Oleg Cheslavsky

Ukrainian media today almost is bought by lots of different oligarch clans, because of all events are shoved how it is favorably to them by using censure.

The future of media without rose-colored glasses

30 April 2017
Oleg Cheslavsky

How it isn`t impossible to fry eggs without breaking egg, like that you can`t clean all information without victims…

Propaganda and freedom of speech

19 April 2017
Oleg Cheslavsky

Problem which humanity have now - it`s freedom of speech. And using this factor kremlin propagandists distribute by all possible ways propaganda news!


17 April 2017
Oleg Cheslavsky

Revolution of dignity showed how our society needs effective, clear, not subsidized, not commercial, social mass media.