Most of the modern bloggers publish their posts in social networks and on partner sites. And there isnt one systematizated library of their materials.

Within the framework of the Ukrmedia project, we offer bloggers a free installation, setting and maintenance of the site. The only thing that is required from a blogger is a domain name.

If blogger does not have such name, we can order from a trusted, responsible registrar such domain name to register him.

Also during the registration process, we can select a domain name taking into account the parameters set by blogger: keywords, topic, blogger name and surname.

After domain registration, site settings on the server, installation of the Site Management System, the blogger receives a simple and useful tool that will allow him, using an intuitive interface, to publish his materials easily in any format:

  • Text
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Pictures
  • Cartoons

At the same time, these materials can be published separately or by combining them all into one article.

At the moment, the library of website designs, that are available for selection by the user, is very limited, but we are working on filling it.


The site engine of all Ukrmedia projects is written in the framework of its own development on the basis of one of the most advanced high-level programming languages Python, which allows us to solve many complex problems easily.

The system is optimized for maximum speed and reliability.

Taking into account the low popularisation(?) of our framework it is difficult to hack it. It ensures your carefree life.

Nevertheless, to ensure the security of your data and to avoid various force majeure situations, the system is archived every day, so that your data is preserved in any case.


Many bloggers get used to the social networks where they have their pages, but they face the problem that they can’t post on social network when they move from post to site. They als face the problem that they have to do additional work. After sending the material on the site they have to send an additional announcement or full copy on the social network page.

In fact, there isn’t any problem.

Publishing the post on the pages of the site, it will be sent to the publication on all your social account pages automatically without pressing any additional keys for this.

We will also help you to configure your RSS feed so that you’ll not need to mail your materials to popularise them. It will be enough to give a link to your feed to the administrator of the friendly project and all the materials will be passed to him automatically.

Ukrmedia is an aggregator

After the publication on the website and on all selected social networks the blogger's materials also move to our news line - the aggregator, which accumulates all materials from all projects and programs of Ukrmedia.

Thanks to this, the materials of the blogger get into the general news flow, and all the sites-participants receive absolutely organic traffic, as well as a direct link to the source that significantly increases its flow.

The Ukrmedia news aggregator allows novice bloggers to publish materials, which will contribute to clean, truthful information flow in our country.

Additional benefits of the personal website

Personal site is a personal area of responsibility. Lack of any censorship gives the opportunity to show your creativity without any restrictions. It also allows blogger to create a library of all his materials, systematize them and sort out them into sections.

We also help bloggers to place on their sites the advertising information, for example: banners.

We can contribute to draw attention of readers to the blogger's site and help to set up a fund-raising system to support the project.

The site of the blogger will not only be his business card, but also an honest source of income that will provide him with all necessary to continue his blogging activity.