Platform Description

Ukrmedia is a ukrainian technological non-governmental organization set up to promote the sustainable development of Ukrainian civil society through activities such as:

Development of Innovative Online Solutions
Development of local civil media
Creation and support of local initiatives of civil journalists
Development of Digital Democracy Products
Media culture and literacy program

Features of the Platform

Digital online tools created by Ukrmedia have a modern, intuitive interface, and will provide users with many benefits, including:



Due to the adaptive design, all Ukrmedia product development products are equally convenient to use on a stationary computer on any mobile device.



All components of information systems developed Ukrmedia are based on standardized interfaces and protocols.



Built-in analytic modules allow you to track not only the statistics of the site's work, but also user activity, model of their behavior.


SaaS solution

You will no longer have to solve the problems of setting up, updating and monitoring of the website's performance, because all services are provided on the terms of the program as a service.



Each resource developed by UkrMedia has the ability to create on its basis its own media resource, a blog that promotes the popularity and growth of the reputation of the resource.



Systems are built on the principle of modular architecture, any module can be connected or disconnected as necessary.


Open source

The open source software code allows third-party developers to use code to create new applications to existing products.



Extensive communication capabilities, the ability to share information, informing users of the system, dialogue tools and advice will be the key to building trust in the community.



The development of components of the system is always carried out in compliance with the latest security standards, customer data is located on servers with a comprehensive information security system, configured daily backup.



In addition to the fact that all software provided by Ukrmedia has successfully passed all the tests associated with extreme loads on the server, it has the ability to scale up vertically and horizontally, depending on the task.

Implemented Projects

Civic Space

International digital democracy platforms for citizens participation

Media Teenz

Media School for Schoolchildren


Ukrainian digital democracy platforms for citizens participation

Kiev city blog

Municipal Information Platform

I love Ukraine

Blog of positive news

Rus Ukraine

Historical club


Our blog

Since June 4, the project of Ukrmedia does not accept new members

2 June 2018
Oleg Cheslavsky

Due to the fact that the project's own resources have been exhausted, new projects are not accepted and are not considered

Online platform CIVIC SPACE (SPILNO)

8 March 2018
Oleg Cheslavsky

Crew of NGO «Ukrmedia» started process of development online platform CIVIC SPACE (SPILNO)

Bolivar cannot carry double

9 June 2017
Oleg Cheslavsky

By the word of Evgeniy Glybovitsky “With the foundation of the single “Syspilny movnyk” independent citizen journalism will stop be”

In the beginning was the Word...

12 May 2017
Oleg Cheslavsky

Human civilization differs from the animal world, one its very interesting feature, namely the ability to exchange information through words ....

How to create new media product?

9 May 2017
Oleg Cheslavsky

Do not be very upset, but the reason for which recently nothing new really revolutionary was invented in the media is that we do not have any media experts at all.

Face of mass media changes

2 May 2017
Oleg Cheslavsky

Understandably what you can find in Tramp`s victory Russian trace and it`s obviously what it present. But also Trump won because he chosen market of social and citizen media.

Who does hold Ukrainian media?

1 May 2017
Oleg Cheslavsky

Ukrainian media today almost is bought by lots of different oligarch clans, because of all events are shoved how it is favorably to them by using censure.

The future of media without rose-colored glasses

30 April 2017
Oleg Cheslavsky

How it isn`t impossible to fry eggs without breaking egg, like that you can`t clean all information without victims…

Propaganda and freedom of speech

19 April 2017
Oleg Cheslavsky

Problem which humanity have now - it`s freedom of speech. And using this factor kremlin propagandists distribute by all possible ways propaganda news!


17 April 2017
Oleg Cheslavsky

Revolution of dignity showed how our society needs effective, clear, not subsidized, not commercial, social mass media.

Our Partners

Bila Tserkva City Council

Kiev City State Administration DSC