Understandably what you can find in Tramp`s victory Russian trace and it`s obviously what it present. But also Trump won because he chosen market of social and citizen media.

For no one will be news that Clinton, by her defeat at the US presidential election, proved to the world that money does not solve all problems.

There is such a cliche in our understanding that you can always win with money and if you pay more then victory will certainly be yours. In fact, this is not so.

So for example, Clinton spent almost twice as much on the election as Trump and lost - why?

Because Clinton did not turn to innovations, she began to study the market trends, and immediately appealed to his bison. Those who already have a high position in the information market. Those who, for the sake of preserving their place in the market, strangle all innovations and oppose progress. She turned to the big expensive experts working with the country's leading media, and .... This was her fault!

Clinton invested in the struggle for the presidency 565 million dollars - threw them, because the face of modern media has changed!

Big expensive media no longer control the minds of the electorate! Much of the impact on them is provided by the social media, free, amateur.

It was in social media that Trump invested, spending 322 million dollars.

Trump refused to go to the presidency by standard methods, and therefore instead of paying for social surveys that he considers useless, he invested in PR on free resources and social networks!

Trump spent 85 million only on Internet advertising and won!

Trump won by studying the media market trends, Clinton acted as a rich, self-satisfied woman accustomed to buying everything she liked and burned out.

The time of traditional large sluggish media has passed. And in the near future they will be replaced by mobile, reactive street media, civilian journalists and streamers.