Human civilization differs from the animal world, one its very interesting feature, namely the ability to exchange information through words ....

To paraphrase Descartes's words: "I think, then I exist," one can safely say that: "If I can express my thoughts with Words, then I am a person. A reasonable man ... "

For a long time we have not noticed this habitual feature of ours. We have even just forgotten about it. But all the same, our whole world, our entire universe, is nothing more than a superstructure over our ability to express our thoughts with Words. The ability to convey our thoughts to each other with the help of symbols, signs, letters.

Millennia ago, our ancestors learned to so mockingly articulate that many of us ceased to be upright primates and became people in the broadest sense of the word.

I admit that I used to be skeptical enough about the text of the Bible, for certain reasons, but now I often find in it quite a lot of wisdom revealing the secrets of our world.

The first line of the Gospel of John says: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

Nothing else but the Word was God! No element, no Chaos, no Earth and no sea, but the Word!

Do you imagine how much the power of the Word was valued in the ancient world?

How was she respected?

With what respect did people treat each of the words they uttered?

How did they appreciate every letter of the Word they traced?

In respect for ourselves, every spoken, spoken, pronounced Word was built all our modern human civilization.

In words, we described the world, the universe. Outlined the scope of our knowledge. They built, designed, foresaw and prophesied.

We even taught the machines to speak in their own language commands, instructions: Words.

The word has become the greatest value of our civilization.

But…. It turned out that many people do not understand or do not want to understand it ....

While some, either because of their upbringing, or because of their minds, for some reason always treated with great respect every word they uttered or wrote, and were willing to be held responsible for every Word they uttered, the promise they made ... Others simply extracted "sounds by company". Doing this thoughtlessly, irresponsibly ... Just like that, without business, just to "blur out", "insert 5 cents", "blurt out."

The last individuals, as well as all the malevolent in our world, were significantly more than those who are able to answer for what they have said.

What did this lead to?

To the fact that the Words have lost any value.

They have depreciated and now they stand no more than a penny ....

Today, practically all, more of us, are no longer ready to answer for the Words spoken by us.

We no longer value anyone else's, or our own Words, do not respect the commitments we have made, we overstep every oath we make.

We all constantly lie to ourselves, and therefore we do not find anything reprehensible in the fact that others lie.

The pact on mutual connivance, on disregard for the truth, about the traumatic trampling of the truth became common in us. At the level of a social contract.

Lies and disrespect for each other, and hence to the truth, have become a phenomenon ubiquitous and generally accepted, and therefore normal.

It became abnormal in our society: to tell the truth, to answer for your Words, not to lie, to be consistent, and always do what you promised.

At the same time, it should be noted that the worship of lies and liars has turned into a kind of cult.

We most of all today venerate liars. Those who say harsh, but the truth we commit to oblivion.

Who has become the elite of our society today?

  • Politicians are liars forgetting their promises right after their scoring?
  • Judges are deceivers, who, under the guise of justice, legitimize terrible villainies?
  • Corruptors are scoundrels building their own well-being on trade law, which they do not have?
  • Priests who call us to a righteous, modest, if not to say beggarly life, do not forget to surround themselves with such luxury that before them all the treasures of fairy-tale princes of the East fade.
  • Even the actors - actors, we most appreciate not for their sincerity, but for the ability to exquisitely lie, or skillfully reincarnate!

In general, it must be said that all people live in a certain system of their own - a system of moral values ​​that are not invented by themselves, but are imposed on them from the outside, planted by society.

This dictatorship of the universally accepted meanings was never correct, because those who developed it, imposed it, asserted and propagated it never pursued the goal: to achieve respect for the truth, respect for every spoken word.

More precisely, it would be more correct to say that the representative of power, our shepherds, constantly drove into our heads righteous and correct truths that one can not lie or steal. But they forgot, at the same time, that they did not prove their behavior by their behavior, but refuted them!

On this bad example, on the basis of contemptuous attitude towards the people, the modern model of disrespect for righteous truths has grown to the plebs.

The masses with the mother's blood absorbed the truth about the fact that power is given to a man who never fulfills his promises!

Only the one who is most sweet, but wordlessly lies, who more deceitfully deceives, who most betrayed - only he deserves all praise and respect!

The same who speaks the truth, who does not know how to deceive in our society simply has no chance to achieve neither recognition, nor success.

Belief in a lie, not in truth, has become our new religion.

And our today's, modern media is a vivid example, the best proof of the truth of all the above truths!

They are all the more successful - the more they are deceitful!

In modern society, there is nothing more precious and less in demand than the honest, noble Word of man.

People without a twinge of conscience generate absolutely any text, because they are firmly convinced, and it is not unreasonable to say that they will not have to answer for their words.

They spoil the rumor and air with their empty promises and equally full threats, as they are sure that their words mean nothing and will not be appreciated in any way!

People ceased to believe each other, because they do not appreciate and respect neither themselves nor their own words. Not a word of their interlocutors.

Liars lie and allow others to do this primarily because they consider everyone to be the same as they are.

We live in an era of total devaluation of the Word, the same Word, which is God.

People have forgotten, do not understand, do not understand that the pricelessness of words does not mean that they are worthless.

They do not want to understand that all their troubles are because they do not respect the power of the Word.

They do not want to understand that the Word, like truth, does not have any material value.

Words, like sincere, true love, like frozen music in the air, like a picture painted on the sand, like the warm soft and gentle gust of the spring wind, like pleasant childhood memories, like a mother's kiss or sincere feelings-do not have the value that you can It would be computed in a system of material goods!

The word as life costs everything and there is nothing at the same time!

That the value is already the very understanding of this.

I understand that words honesty, nobility, devotion in our world are worthless and do not mean, because many have forgotten about them, having lost them at the first opportunity.

To appreciate these qualities, to cherish them, to be afraid of losing them, these qualities must be had.

And he does not realize their value, who respects them, for whom they are valuable.

Whoever is not afraid of losing conscience, shame or even life, will not understand this. For him, any Words is an empty sound!

That's why I dare say that perhaps the only thing that will save this world is a new coordinate system. A new system of moral principles. The idea of ​​compelling to appreciate the fundamental basis of our entire civilization as the Word.

A person, even the most primitive, is a reasonable being and therefore he does not just simply have to pronounce sounds. He must understand what he says, necessarily put meaning into every word he utters.

A person should be valued for being able to answer for every word he says, a promise or an oath.

To be able to answer for your Words as well as for deeds is a clear testimony of a certain level of nobility, worthy and honoring and respecting.

A man who respects himself, his mind must respect all his words with respect.

A person who respects his Words and thoughts respects his interlocutor with the same respect, and therefore he will be heard and understood.

Today we all together erupt from ourselves any order of words and meanings throwing it on the pages of social networks and sites like garbage! It's just some kind of fountain!

It really gives the impression that humanity has created a new mass culture - disregard for truth, compulsion and respect for each other.

The consequence of this decision was simply a catastrophically huge sea of ​​marasmus, delirium and utter nonsense in social networks. Numerous fakes in the media. Reputed and read deceitful and irresponsible tabloids.

The popularity of tabloids is so significant that they even called into question the need for good quality, high-quality and truthful media - they simply do not read!

I will repeat once again: People today do not value their Words, and therefore do not attach any weight to the Words of others! This is a cycle of disregard for truth and irresponsibility in nature. The cycle that can pull us into the abyss of obscurantism and ignorance, where our descendants again degrade to the level of primates and will simply mute each other in the ear, finding this kind of communication the most pleasant.

The words spoken by us do not just have to become a collection of sounds that broke the silence, they must bear meaning, should be heard and understood, and this can be achieved only through respect for them, respect for oneself, respect for all around.