Crew of NGO «Ukrmedia» started process of development online platform CIVIC SPACE (SPILNO)

At November of 2017 crew of NGO «Ukrmedia» joined to initiates of Council in Ukraine of project «Promoting citizen participation in the democratic decision-making process», which directed on empowering and increasing public participation in decision-making, especially, laying foundations of a sustainable platform for inclusive dialogue between civic organizations and government.

First of all, our seem on realization of our aims stay in attached to existing democratic e-services namely a mobile app «My Town», which is developing right now. But after analyzing of existing situation became obvious that we need to start process of development again.

We creatively approached by dividing on groups people who potentially interested in Platform and highlighting their problems. With all this data it became understandable that:

Problems of civic society:

  1. Absence of unified entry point to all city services

  2. Absence of ability to become part of informative space of city

  3. Absence of ability to became part of city`s life with modern communication tools

  4. Absence of unified media platform of city dwellers in which trusts majority

  5. Absence of opportunity to get only interesting information for user

  6. Absence on consult-communicating center between citizens and municipal government.

Problems of NGO

  1. Absence of unified service of communication

  2. Absence of NGO base

  3. Absence of modern informative space where can not only get information but also share it

  4. Absence of consult-communicating service between NGО and municipal government

Problems of municipal government

  1. Absence of strategic view of citizens and NGO`s and solution variations

  2. Absence of modern algorithms for processing and analysis of information

  3. Absence of strategy for development e-democracy tools

  4. Inability and absence of modern technology of involvement of the public in the development of local policies, in particular at an early

  5. Absence of local communities media space

  6. Absence of city inhabitants informing strategy

Considering all possible ways of problem solution we find out that the most successful solution which can provide a complex resolution to the above-mentioned problems is a product with all social media external features. This solution provides:

  1. Unified page of entrance;

  2. Available personal cabinet/page of citizen, which include:

    1. Place for keeping all personal data;

    2. Own personal media space (opportunity to personalize, set up your own ступ ступ informational space with criteria);

    3. Attachment to information about process of forming politics tied to user`s location or place of residence; Ability to trek processes, join and take active part in all processes of citizen community;

  3. Access to all existing online services of city.

  4. Creation of city`s media-informative space.

Also, by protecting system we understood that Online Platform of active citizens “Spilno” can easily accommodate all country. What will let make process of involvement of citizens in cooperation easier.

From a first day we have actively joined the work and already at 1 of December within the framework of the seminar «Strengthening cooperation between the public and the Kyiv city authoritiesу in process of making decisions: new stage of development», which happened in a hotel «President» we demonstrated prototype of online system.

With a small break on winter holidays, on 19 of January at event «Academy of citizen participation for representatives of NGO and public servants», which happened in Irpen by our team was presented finished conception of Platform and developed layouts of all main pages of the site.

Exactly with this practices ad presentation of project on 8 of February we visited Strasburg where presented it in Secretariat of Council of Europe.

At this moment all processes of Platform agreed and all that remains is realization.

Online Platform CIVIC SPACE (SPILNO), which takes into account the tasks set by the international experts of the Council of Europe, will become:

  1. Base and for official and for unofficial NGO, municipal government, business and active citizens;

  2. Official informative resources for people who interested in cooperation with government and NGO (all operating- officially registered and unregistered) and interested in communication with community units of municipal government which interested in cooperation with community;

  3. Comfortable, modern service of informing all potentially interested parts in solving question for consulting (Idea), or event`s plan of realization certain idea (Project) and rating of project realization result;

  4. Platform for online consultations, strategies, concepts starting from the earliest stage of politic forming;

  5. Official history of interactions/consultations of government with community, citizen`s activity, active citizens and NGO, with original visualization of dispute;

  6. Data base of citizen`s expert potential among NGO, municipal government, business;

  7. Tool of community consolidation - active citizens and NGO and their “consolidating vote”;

  8. Tool of development of participation in crowd funding and crowdsourcing of socially important ideas and projects (in next versions of platform);

  9. Development of interacting of Platform users and e-democratic services: appeals , petitions, citizen budget, discussions;

  10. Academy – integrator of knowledge in this sphere, including:

    1. Normative legalization base;

    2. Data base of precedents

    3. Registry of best practices;

    4. Registry of necessary knowledge for work with online instruments of e-democracy: appeals, petitions, anti-corruption monitoring and analysis, media monitoring, e. t. c.;

  11. Statistical indicator of community agenda, society changes and contributions by active citizens, NGO, municipal government e. t. c.

Using of Platform is regulates by public agreement (rules), which will be pre-agreed with the key beneficiaries on the NGO`s side and Europe Council experts, who involved into the project «Promoting citizen participation in the democratic decision-making process».

Development of Platform will be phased with taking into account user`s reviews, queries, offers (municipal government and society).

Development of Platform according to agreed plan will be finished at beginning of October of 2018.