Problem which humanity have now - it`s freedom of speech. And using this factor kremlin propagandists distribute by all possible ways propaganda news!

Fabricated news and investigations have already become type of weapon of mass destruction, which Moscow propaganda journalists learned to use it in excellence. Filled all ways of information with frank lies, disinformation and information which is defaming European and American politics who are trying stop armor and informational expansion of Russia.

Especially politics who think that Russia have to stop propaganda, are slandered most.

In Kremlin everyone criticized all their attempts to counteract propaganda, called them repressive and limiting freedom of speech!

Also in internet is going massive advertisement campaign which says what fighting with Russian propaganda is limiting freedom of speech.

What European countries can`t say anything about their lie. If them were able counterpoise, they`ll do it. But how says Russian mass media: “West countries don`t have any arguments and it just from impotence before alternative truth stop “Free Mass Media”&

Anyway because of this reason in U.S.A. was adopted low about counteraction disinformation and propaganda, but in Russian news says what this low against telling truth to people.

America again got in their liberal trap, what let kremlin mass media use their Institutes and rules for publication lies, disinformation e. t. c.

West is in agony , because lots of publishers don`t see anything illegal to publish information what defaming their country, their politics and course conducted of government their countries for kremlin money.

In west countries still don`t see any threat in soft information intervention, which Russia leeds by mass media.

In conclusion I must say what we have to focus what even in Ukraine doesn`t everyone understand this.