Due to the fact that the project's own resources have been exhausted, new projects are not accepted and are not considered

The program of Ukrmedia on creation, support and promotion of sites for civilian journalists from June 4 ceases its work. New projects are not accepted, applications standing in the waiting list for execution, but not processed until June 15, are considered to be refusals and are also not put into further work.

Projects that have been given the opportunity to participate in the program but do not use it, namely those that do not carry out activities, and which have not filled the site with information, will also be deleted.

The Ukrmedia project was created to support and develop civilian mass media, and if existing criteria are not met, they will be deleted.

The functioning and support of projects that took place and conducts its activities this event will not affect. All projects will continue their work without failures and changes in the quality of services and conditions.

Thank you for understanding!