How it isn`t impossible to fry eggs without breaking egg, like that you can`t clean all information without victims…

Most of the “big” journalists, mentors, experts and “huge” media specialists, huru of journalists are describing future of mass media always going to tell about Utopia.

About world of absolutely ideal perpendicular and parallel lines, world in which is everything clean, smooth, transparent and correct.

In world of clean like a tear copyright, world of kind and checked news, e. t. c.

The thing what they are talking about actually don`t real, also they understand this really good. But why do they talking about this?

To save their concurrent advantages ! Because they don`t disdain to use “dirty” receptions.

I just insist to equalise concurention between all journalists. Also stop reproach other in copyright.

How our experience shows, if your project have a lot of users and you publish post of unpopular blogger which gets maximum 5 likes at his twitter you can get thouthands of views and likes.

Magic? Nonsens? Doesn`t kind?

No. Posts become popular don`t because of sence of content but because of auditory which have same opinion with author. And if auditory of your site will find it interesting your idea will be popular.

News site, information resources - it`s prism through which user watch at the world. It definitely shows world how it`s favorably to them, how their followers think like author. Every user chooses resource which he likes and it isn`t important how many copyright on this site or compilation.

And that exactly why we need understand reasons of success of big sites.


Not for steal their ideas, to understand arrangements, modificate and improve them.

And it`s important to popularize right, creative senses by using “grey” methods.

For example:

Case #1

One of the methods, which I recommend for popularizing really good thoughts, at the same time easy and hard.

Nietzsche doesnt sales by circulations in hundred thousands of books, it sells each 100 books every month.

Toilet paper sells by tones.

If you include a few pages of pure wisdom in the canvas of junk posts, the effect will be stunning!

In addition to the high readability, you will also get a forced increase in the intellectual development of your readers

Go ahead?

Case #2

In addition to simply tabloid media, it is necessary to study the experience of our outspoken enemies - the media of the Russian propaganda machine.

How do Russian propaganda media work?

They massively replicate information on their tabloids, compulsorily supplying each of the posts with a link to the seemingly authoritative Western media! They never post throw-in.


Because they understand what the "Media Trust Credit" is. And it is for this scheme to work, they finance the creation of a lot of information garbage, inflate them with bots, feed comments, make them insanely popular, and then accidentally pour in all their propaganda outfits!

That is, de facto, they are against the background of 100 truthful posts, pour their half-truths or outright lies, and then sell it as the most, that neither is a proven truth!

Case #3

We want in Ukraine return to our national language the status of the state ? OK!

What should be done for this? Analyze the situation to analyze the media market! Make adequate non-hasty conclusions. Adopt the problem and find ways to solve it, not by populist and non-dictatorial methods.

Tell me: How much do you know about tabloids in Ukrainian? Zero! They are not here!

Why not? Because it is unprofitable to do them! But, is it really so?

Of course not. The problem is that we do not have real media managers! There are no real media marketers!

And from here: no one guesses that if you build a pyramid on the contrary, in a few years he will get an effective money funnel, even if only because he will become a pioneer in the industry!

And even if you do not take into account the vacant place in this niche. One should understand, if the state has the intention to solve this problem, it would have carried out a certain expansion in this area and would create an artificial demand for this proposal, stimulating the development of this market.

But ... This is for certain reasons does not happen. First of all, because it is at odds with the information policy of our government.

Case #4

You have to understand that in the existing reality there are already existing users and you will not force them to use higher quality content, no matter how much you want and whatever effort I make!

There is a demand for garbage content, and no matter how you ignore it, it will grow steadily.

It's another matter how you can play on this, how you can try to build a parallel world that will become attractive to the mass user.

How and what to entice him to really high-quality resources?

Beautiful words, graceful speech turns and longreads you will not entice him.

Refined media aesthetes in white gloves will not make you traffic.

And who will do it?

Correctly - devoid of illusions and not interested in writing "jeans" of civilian journalists and activists, bloggers and simply able to express their thoughts in an interesting, unusual form people.

They are more sensitive to the request of society. First of all, because it's part of it!

They are not messed up with sales articles, they are not looking for an opportunity to sell their souls more expensively! With them also it is necessary to work - because they are organic, natural and frank.

Well, journalists are mammoths of the modern world. They have discredited themselves as a profession and it is hardly worth spending time today trying to restore respect for this profession.

The world of the future is information flows free from any restrictions and censorship. And he will win this market, who will create the opportunity, and will not try to limit or control it.