Revolution of dignity showed how our society needs effective, clear, not subsidized, not commercial, social mass media.

Today Ukraine became new trend for other countries of the world, which people destroyed colonial slavery of Russia.

It`s not a secret for anyone what Ukraine for all independence was a Kremlin puppet and Ukrainian presidents were Putin`s agents.

After revolution of dignity situation totally changed. Ukraine escaped from captivity of kremlin cannibals and started discussing about eurointegration, about real changing vector of progress. About other way

Ukraine, it`s people, color of it`s flag became a brand, symbols of fighting for independence , fighting for freedom of it`s land, fighting for freedom for speech.

Revolution of dignity showed how our society needs effective, clear, not subsidized, not commercial, social mass media.

Exactly, when revolution happened a lot of media projects become popular.

However , lots of projects what was respectable now are «dumps».

What interesting, these projects what were popular 2 years ago only because mood of the masses, today can`t show opportunities what they had. And these happened not because their authors lost interest. Happened this because developers of resources started live on donates.

So what we have to do in this situation?

Things with we`ve done before: let people who have enthusiasm and opportunity write important ad interesting things! Give young journalists chance to up and hold the resources on level of the mass media. Help journalists up their level in. Media culture.

It`s obviously. What it isn`t in interest of big media projects and not in interests of «garbage» mass media with authors steal content . This not in interests of big journalists who think what those types of journalists are stealing their money.

Maybe because of this and other reathons developing of citizen media so slowly.

Also media like our won`t get support by government because of freedom of speech.

But, it`s time for media revolution in Ukraine.

In fact after closing of Live Journal lots of journalists have to find new place of work

Social organisation «Ukrmedia» let you become independent journalist . And give you platform with:

  • Modern system of control by Ukrainian developers with open code.
  • Hosting for your site on servers in Grate Britain.
  • Everyday archiving your site.
  • Free support and monitoring your site.
  • Opportunity to download archive of your publications and opportunity to move to the other hosting in cause of necessary.
  • Free consultations, trainings and seminars for our participants.

All this services we give for free. Also we ready support foreign journalists, if we have same aims.

We ready to sacrifice our time and money for making minds of our sitizens free off Kremlin`s social mass.

How can you help our project?

If you are programer or designer you can join to our team of volunteers and developers and help us.

If you are writer, blogger, journalist you can become part of our project placed your site on our platform.

If you are a translator you can translate important document on foreign languages.

If you are not indifferent citizen, you can help our project and donate 1$ on our score. All your money will go only on Popularization materials of our site.

Also you just can repost this massage for popularization our information about our initiative.

Crew of «Ukrmedia» is grateful for attention to our project! Thank you!