Ukrainian media today almost is bought by lots of different oligarch clans, because of all events are shoved how it is favorably to them by using censure.

A few time ago in Ukraine appeared new service Media Ownership Monitor Ukraine. Resource was created by Institute of mass information and Reporters without borders. On pages of site where you can know who owns Ukrainian mass media and read their biography.

How said on presentation director of the project Media Ownership Monitor Olaf Shteynfadt.

“Ukrainian mass media almost are directed by personal interests of their owners. Lack of financial transparency and corruption make all health of media worse. We came to such disappointing conclusions on the basis of the results of the study of the Ukrainian media market, what were researched since July to Oktober by them and Reporters without borders. ”

Also at the event dedicated to the presentation of the project it was noted that in the majority of the media market the richest representatives of the Ukrainian oligarchy shared among themselves. And despite the fact that their names are widely known, the real owners are hiding behind the offshore holdings to which these media are registered.

In-fact people who control economics and politics of Ukraine also control mass media.

To this conclusion experts by came researching the most 43 popular mass media, among which were 12 TV channels.

Also by results of research we can say, what television market divided by 4 owners, who control 76.26% of lecture hall of this country and it`s:

  • “Star Light Media” of Pinchuk - 21.68%
  • “1+1 Media” of Kolomoyskyi - 20.49%
  • “Inter Media” of Firtash - 21.42%
  • “Media Group of Ukraine” of Ahmetov - 12.66%

4 radio groups are controlling 92.23% of lecture hall of Ukraine is:

  • Group of radio “Tavr media” which unites 6 radio stations of Pinchuk
  • “Ukrainian Media Holding”, which unites 7 radio stations of Kurchenko
  • “Business Radio Group” which unites 4 radio stations of Evtuhov
  • “TRK Lux” have 2 radio stations of Kot-Sadovoy

The most rating editions in the print media market belong to four owners:

  • Akhmetov "Segodnya"
  • Kurchenko "Correspondent", "CP in Ukraine", "Arguments and Facts", "Dengy", "Telenedelya"
  • Mozgovoy / Alexandrov "Vesti"
  • Shvets "Facts"

Experts note that all owners, except for Shvets, have a anti-Ukrainian position.

Despite the fact that according to the executive director of the IMI Oksana Romanyuk, in Ukraine 75% of media belongs to politicians and oligarchs, we can safely say that this percentage is much higher and in reality all the media have been bought by them.